Medical Insurance

Did you know that beginning January 1, 2014 all Alaskans will be required to have medical insurance coverage or pay a federal tax penalty? Medical Insurance provides you with financial protection from the high cost of medical expenses due to an illness or injury. NBG, Individual Solutions, a division of Northrim Benefits Group, can assist you with choosing a medical insurance plan that will fit your needs, guide you through the enrollment process and provide continued customer service for your policy. You may even qualify for an immediate tax credit from the Federal Government to help offset the cost of insurance.

During Open Enrollment:
We assist individuals with the renewal of their individual insurance policies and new enrollments. All individuals during Open Enrollment will be eligible to apply for health insurance that is guaranteed issue.

Open Enrollment for 2018 coverage year is scheduled to begin November 1, 2017 and end December 15, 2017.

After Open Enrollment:
We will continue to assist individuals with enrollments due to qualifying life evens (QLE) and answer customer service questions. Individuals who do not have a QLE will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to be eligible to purchase health insurance.

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